Trinity School's annual hackathon - Come spend March 4th coding with us!

HackTrin V is the fifth iteration of Trinity School’s annual hackathon. Middle and high schoolers, of any experience level, can participate. You can form teams of 1-4 students, even across different schools, and work to make projects relating to coding. We'll have workshops and mentors to help you with your projects and learn! We will announce the surprise theme at our Wednesday night kickoff event the week of HackTrin, after which you can start coding, and continue until the end of the Sunday, March 4 event. You’ll present your projects to our panels of judges to win prizes in multiple categories (including a beginner category)!

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Heidi Farrell
Freelance Product Designer

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Roman Dovgopol
Senior Software Engineer, Twitter

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Howard Tsao
Founder & CEO, Muse Games

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Kenya Verzell
API Application Engineer, Vimeo

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity
    How creative was the project? Was the idea original? If not, did they address their competition?
  • Execution
    Was the idea executed well? Is it functional? How does it look? Is the user interface friendly? (if applicable) Does the group present ideas of what they wanted to add if they had more time?
  • Complexity
    How significant of an undertaking was this project? What technologies did they utilize? How hard does it seem to accomplish what they did?
  • Theme
    How much does this project adhere to the theme, “time”? If the connection is not clear, did they explain it?
  • Presentation
    How was the presentation? Were they eloquent in addressing the audience? Do you feel like you understand their project well?